00 limits 21 copia

We are a three woman team determined to give back to society by creating social enterprises like our 00Limits project. We detected from the onset a tangible need affecting people with reduced mobility (wheelchairs users, the elderly, and people with any kind of physical disability): to manage time and resources more efficiently when planning a trip or an outing with friends. Afterwards, and thanks to the opportunity given to us by Madrid City Council, we have channeled our first steps and learnt to build the helm we needed when we were adrift on a sea of doubts. Now, with all our efforts and hopes we can present to you an initiative we trust to be truly useful.

Right now, we just partnered with the Fuerteventura Tourist Board to develop a directory specifically focused on holidaymakers with reduced mobility that makes available to any user information on more than 70 accessible tourist places on the island. You can find all this information on 00limitsfuerteventura.com